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Loving your country. Your country never loves you back.

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Black Chinese families. Mexican, Black Irish. Black, Multiracial families. Growing up in the black community.

Buffalo Soliders keeping the Nogales borders safe for Americans!

Buffalo Soldier

In the heart of America

Stolen from Africa, brought to America

Fighting on arrival

Fighting for survival

Serving their country still.

Serving through the Civilian Conservation Corps into World War II. Black Chinese army soliders did not get FHA mortgages. Redlined housing. No equity. No money to pass down to future generations. Black families 2020 worth? $8. White families worth? $200,000+ The surburbs kept black families out and grew the wealth of white families. That was the purpose of the GI Bill.

When your all the men in your family served their country: GI Bill benefited white GI's, not black

Redlining was government backed

Eminent Domain devastated redlined communities

Black family wealth is now $8, white family wealth? $200+

Reparations to make black families whole

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