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Let's Talk About Race in the Communities We Live in and Serve

Start Conversations about Race

Companies, communities, schools, parents can promote justice, diversity and equity simply by starting conversations about race.  The conversations around diversity, inclusion and belonging need be continuous for real and  sustainable impact.


While conversations around implicit bias and microaggressions are valuable and important, they are not the only way to address diversity and inclusion.  Simple conversations that allow employees to share who they are and their experiences are just as important. Diane can help to unfold race conversations throughout your organizations.

Culture Audit

Every member of your organization should be invited actively to participate in all aspects of your organization. A culture audit can help you find out the degree of belonging your employees feel in the workplace. 


Belonging: Belonging is a key component of inclusion. When employees are truly included, they perceive that the organization cares for them as individuals.  Diane can help you make sure your people are comfortable enough to bring their authentic self to what they do.

Let's Talk About Race Podcast

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