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Our Racial Justice Work


Services we offer: 


Diane Wong Consulting 

Our team consults on the full range of race-related topics.  Race dialogue, training/team building, education, anti-black racism education and training and racial conflict processing/resolution.  We facilitate, process and help resolve race-related issues in schools, communities, and businesses.  We work to educate, and train small and large groups on a full range of race-related issues. 


We offer full-service race-related education and facilitation, including:  


  • Let's Talk About Race for workplaces and

  • Teens/Young People Talk About Race for Students 

  • Train the Trainer:  Let's Talk About Race

  • Whiteness Education,

    • whiteness studies, de-centralizing whiteness and building white allies)

  • Diversity Landscape search - looking at your business from a diversity perspective

  • Teambuilding/Training

  • Racial Justice Facilitation

  • Race Education and Dialogue Coaching. 

We Consult, facilitate, educate and train toward resolution of conflict and healing.   Our work focuses on helping identify and address diversity, equity and inclusion concerns, especially anti-black racism.  We recognize that individual hearts and minds maintain and pass patterns, practices and thoughts of racial beliefs from generation to generation. But, we understand that we will not eliminate the effects of racial beliefs of superiority and inferiority by changing hearts and minds alone. 


Laws, regulations and policies that govern major systems, such as healthcare, justice, finance, education and, housing (red-lining, is a well-known example)  must change.  Our facilitation, processing conflict can help institutions, companies and communities process anti-racist change.


Mina Kim 


Mina Kim (she/her) is Korean American. She has always been keenly interested in exploring the interconnectedness between individuals, family, and community as a way to understand the complexity of humanity. A Boston-area resident for over 14 years, she has facilitated and participated in conversations around cultural equity, regenerative community development frameworks, and the power of place. She holds a Master’s in Urban Planning from the Harvard Graduate School of Design and a Bachelor of Arts in history from Smith College.  Instagram @mk_mina


Kathryn Saunders


A Black woman with vast organizational effectiveness experience with New England Organizations.  A cause-driven leader with a longstanding passion for youth, community development and wellness, Kathryn is experienced creating organizational programs, and heads multiple concurrent operations.  She developed several New England Black and Latino Achiever Programs; was Operations Director and now Executive Director with multi-location operations for a leading nonprofit organization for youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. Kathryn worked with local teens on global issues such as divestment from South Africa and the nuclear arms race. Kathryn represented AFSC nationally with work in Geneva, Switzerland, London England, Maputo, Mozambique & Cuba. Kathryn attended Hampton University and has a Master’s degree in Education from Cambridge College.

Lilly Breakwater Photo.jpg


(she/her) identifies a white, American woman. She was born and raised in Cambridge, MA and feels lucky to have attended Cambridge Public Schools K-12th grade. Lilly holds a BA in African & African American Studies from Earlham College and a Master of Education from Lesley University. Lilly has worked for the City of Cambridge, Transition House (Cambridge's Domestic Violence agency) and the MA State Department of Public Health (DPH). While at DPH Lilly was a member of a Racial Equity Leadership Team and underwent a racial equity training program that included learning to facilitate white affinity groups. Lilly now teaches middle school English & US History. She is thrilled to be working with Diane, Pharaoh and their incredible team of facilitators. 

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