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Diane Wong's Black Multiracial Family Stories

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

In this workshop series, we tell our family’s stories. Stories until now, concealed, untold and secret. Our stories are America's story and the story of race that has resonance for today. We are proud to share our black family stories to help us understand how what happened years ago still plays out today. By telling our stories of race and racism, we help to enhance the story of race in America today. Relax and enjoy as this blog unfolds the Wong family stories.

  • Quaker Slaves in the New World

  • Free Black People in antebellum North Carolina

  • Black Pioneers

  • Black land deeds (in the Smithsonian) first owners of land on the Indiana Frontier

  • The Beech Settlement

  • Loss of property through taxes

  • The last black man in Carthage Indiana

  • Buffalo Soldiers fighting Poncho Villa on Arizona’s Border

  • The segregated army

  • Mulattoes and interracial marriage

  • Passing

  • No GI Bill for Black GI’s

  • Redlining

  • Segregation

  • Busing

  • The Chinese Exclusion Act

  • Immigration and Deportation

  • First “White” then “Mexican.”

  • The Wealth Gap

  • Reparations and the right to be made whole

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