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Race Education and Facilitation 

 Let's Talk About Race

About Us


Diane Wong 

Diane Wong is a certified mediator, facilitator, and global conflict resolution processor. Born into a Black, Chinese, Mexican, Irish, Native American family, Diane grew up as a member of Cleveland’s Black community and attended a segregated school system.

Diane’s experience of navigating an educational system that sought to undermine her

sense of self and history led her to pursue a Juris Doctorate from Harvard Law School. 


Diane also received certification in mediation from Jams Endispute, in conflict resolution from the Global Processwork Institute of Oregon and in yoga and meditation from the Somerville, MA Be Inunion yoga studio.

Versatile and drawing from her background in law, conflict resolution, and yoga, Diane’s multidimensional approach guides clients toward a greater understanding of themselves and community as they learn to support diversity, equity, and inclusion.   Diane incorporates energy and healing frameworks into her work, centering individuals and organizations, shifting awareness of internal power centers, and blockages, to help create transformative change.  Her facilitative scope includes work with cities, towns, schools, community organizations, as well as large-scale engagement in shifting corporate culture. 

Diane believes that race is a conversation in which America must learn to participate.  In 2017, she founded Let’s Talk About Race, an award-winning multimedia show, she co-hosts with Pharaoh Saunders.  Let’s Talk About Race has invited hundreds of people from all walks of life to conversations about race and racism. 


Diane is the founder of Diane Wong Consulting (DWC) and the Racial Justice Collaborative (RJC). Both use process-oriented education and facilitation to help individuals and groups move toward healing our racial divide.  Diane is also founder of Healingwithdiane where she teaches the connectedness of our internal world with our outer reality.  We live our lives from the inside out. 


In 2020, DWC, in partnership with RJC, hosted a Race Dialogue Retreat with over 100 participants from all over the world seeking ideas to dismantle white supremacy. 


Pharaoh Saunders

Pharaoh Saunders is an African-American man.  He is the co-host of the award-winning show “Let’s Talk About Race.” Pharaoh is a History and Political Science major at the University of Massachusetts Boston.  He is also pursuing Legal Studies.

Diane and Pharaoh lead race education programs in Somerville,  MA.  Additionally, Pharaoh directs and produces a live show for Somerville teens: "Teens Talk About Race."  Pharaoh specializes in the history of racism, white supremacy, and anti-blackness.   


Kathryn Saunders

Kathryn Saunders is a Black woman with vast organizational effectiveness experience with New England Organizations. 


A cause-driven leader with a longstanding passion for youth, community development, and wellness, Kathryn is experienced creating organizational programming and she leads multiple concurrent operations.  She developed several New England Black and Latino Achiever Programs; was Operations Director and now Executive Director with multi-location operations for a leading nonprofit organization for youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.


Kathryn worked with local teens on global issues such as divestment from South Africa and the nuclear arms race. Kathryn represented AFSC nationally with work in Geneva, Switzerland, London England, Maputo, Mozambique & Cuba. Kathryn attended Hampton University and has a Master’s degree in Education from Cambridge College.


Frank Eason 

Frank Eason is a Black man.  He is a life-long innovator and change agent.  Frank designed the technological infrastructure that created the award-winningTechBoston  Academy.  A research oriented Technology Consultant and Innovator, Frank is often called on to evaluate product segments and vendors for potential acquisitions and strategic partnerships. 

Jordana Hart

Jordana Hart 

Jordana Hart co-created and facilitates the South Florida People of Color Institute’s award-winning Awkward Dinner series and the Unity360 Community Race Dialogues, which focus primarily on whiteness, anti-black racism, and racial healing. Through the Institute, she consults with organizations on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) and also trains race dialogue facilitators.  Jordana is a lawyer located in Miami. 


BA in History and Philosophy from Brandeis University, MS Science in Print Journalism from Boston University, and a JD with distinction in International Law from Suffolk University Law School in Boston, MA.  A Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution from the University of Miami, certified in DEI by the Society for Diversity in Indianapolis, Indiana.


Previously, a journalist with The Boston Globe. Jordana was born in Montréal, Canada and is a Canadian citizen. 

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