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Race Education

Storyteller, Educator, Facilitator, Lecturer, Author, Radio Talk Show Personality

Hidden Stories of Race

Workshops on Race and Racism through Storytelling with Diane Wong and Pharaoh Saunders.   As the authors prepare to write their book "One Black Family’s Experience in America".


As a vast, proud country, The United States overflows with stories told about the heroism of some of the people that make up this country. As a profoundly racist, white supremacist society, most of these stories are about our country’s white people.  Many stories of people of color are unknown, hidden, unacknowledged.  This workshop series brings to life one black family’s rich racial history.  While you listen, consider our loss as a society when our diverse people’s stories are unknown and hidden.  


In this workshop series, we tell our family’s stories. Stories until recently, concealed, untold, and secret.  We are proud to add our black family stories to America’s history, pleased to add the history of our family to the history of black people in America.  By telling our stories of race and racism, we bring to life one black family’s accounts of their family and greatly enhance the story of race in America.  


  • Quaker Slaves in the New World

  • Free Black People in antebellum North Carolina

  • Black Pioneers 

  • Black land deeds (in the Smithsonian) first owners of the land on the Indiana Frontier

  • The Beech Settlement

  • Loss of property through taxes 

  • The last black man in Carthage Indiana

  • Buffalo Soldiers fighting Poncho Villa on Arizona’s Border

  • America's segregated army

  • Mulattos and interracial marriage

  • Passing

  • No GI Bill for Black GI’s

  • Redlining

  • Segregation

  • Busing 

  • The Chinese Exclusion Act

  • Immigration and Deportation

  • First “White” then “Mexican.”

  • The Wealth Gap

  • Reparations and the right to be made whole

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