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Diane Wong and Pharaoh Saunders Co-hosts,:  Let's Talk About Race

Mission Statement


Our mission is to heal our racial divide.  We offer methods and practices including:
  • Mindfulness
  • Talking about Race 
  • Race Education 
  • Understanding and Processing Conflict
​Our programs work to transform the ever-present energy of white supremacy that historically and still today permeates the culture, structures and policies of the United States
Diane Wong 

Diane Wong is a certified mediator, mindfulness facilitator, and global conflict resolution processor. Born into a Black, Chinese, Mexican, Irish, & Native American family, Diane grew up as a member of Cleveland’s Black community and attended a segregated school system. Diane’s experience of navigating an educational system that sought to undermine her sense of self and history led her to pursue a Juris Doctorate from Harvard Law School. 

Diane believes that race is a conversation in which America must learn to participate. She founded an award-winning multimedia show Let’s Talk About Race with co-host Pharaoh Saunders in 2017. They have invited hundreds of people from all walks of life into conversations about race and racism through the radio show, panel discussions and community symposiums.


Diane is the founder of the Racial Justice Collaborative (RJC). RJC uses process-oriented education and facilitation to help individuals and groups move toward healing. In 2020, DWC, in partnership with RJC, hosted two (2) Sitting in the Fire race retreats with over 200 participants from all over the world.

Diane is certified in mediation from Jams Endispute, in conflict resolution from the Global Processwork Institute of Oregon and in yoga and meditation from Be In Union yoga (Somerville, MA).​ 

Justice, Equity, Belonging, Engage the 

Racial Justice Collaborative


Diane founded the Racial Justice Collaborative (RJC) to bring together a team of mediators, facilitators, communicators, educators, therapists, and visionaries to guide businesses, schools, and communities on their racial justice journey.  RJC examines all aspects of conflict and holds space so that all voices may be heard and in dialogue with one another.

Let's Heal our Racial Divide.

How do we talk about race?

Talking to each other directly about race is critical. Even when we don't talk to each other about race, we think about it. We think about race all the time. Until we open up and talk, we are never clear on how we feel about race.

Talking About Race

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Learn more about Diane's "Let's Talk About Race" initiative and listen to racial identity stories on the Let's Talk About Race podcast with Diane Wong and Pharoah Saunders.

Donate to Diane's work to heal our racial divide.   Let's Heal Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, Psychologically.  Mind, Body, Spirit, Let's Heal.

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Healing with Yoga, Meditation

and Mindfulness


Diane offers coaching to individual clients on their path toward health, healing, and equity.

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